Jay Day 1 – Happy to start my Journey

I have gone through many Internet marketing journeys on various blogs and I got motivated to start  mine too, but on my own blog. I post everything what I do in IM here. Today I have registered 3 new domains after complete keyword research

site#1 :

  • Global monthly searches = 9k
  • EMD available
  • Medium Competition
  • Monetization by CPA

site#2 :

  • Global monthly searches = 1.3k
  • EMD available
  • Low Competition
  • Monetization by CPA


  • Multi-niche site
  • To target low to medium competetion niches
  • Monetization by CPA

I use different hosting for each domain. Installed wordpress on two domains(1&2) . On site#3 I used a php landing page as there is no scope for expanding the site.

Ordered 2k words content for each site home page from my writer.

I have few old sites and PBN’s. So worked on them with various link building tools. Now I am on average of $20 a day. I use Adgate media and Ogads for monetization.

internet marketing journey

Ordered  youtube videos for some old sites.

My target : $1000 by end of April 

Uploaded 3 youtube niche videos which I ordered last week,   on 2006 video uploaded youtube accounts. These accounts are very less prone to deletion. Uploaded and sent youtube views , likes , subscribers and comments to rank the video.