Instapilot reviews

Instapilot review

Marketing on the social media is the new wave in marketing industry. With more and more people joining the bandwagon to popularize their product/services on the social media platforms, there are different software and applications coming out to help in the process. Instapilot is one such software that makes marketing on Instagram, the popular image based social media platform, completely easy for anyone.

Instapilot review

What is Instapilot?

Looking to improve your following on Instagram? Do you want to adapt to the best campaign to promote your profile and that of your company? Then your solution lies in the software from Sam Bakker called Instapilot. The software helps you to manage and promote your product/service through end to end management of your Instagram account including communication, user engagement and profile posting. Instapilot is simple to use and offers professional service that will guarantee the utmost customer satisfaction.

Features of Instapilot

The Instapilot comes with a whole gamut of features aimed at providing you the best of the marketing services for Instagram.

  • Check inbox: You can make use of your Instapilot to view the inbox of your Instagram and reply to your messages through this app itself.
  • Account integration: You can integrate more than one account of Instagram in your app and remove them as and when required. You can use the app to manage your profile, make changes to the information on your profile, etc.
  • Search Instagram: There is the option for users to search through images, videos, posts, etc. based on keywords. You can even search through Geotags, Hashtags and through user accounts. Once you have found the necessary result, you can then like, share, comment, autopost images and video, post a story in the form of media, download the images, and share them as you please to other profiles and much more. You can even follow the users you have found through your search.
  • Trending hashtags/posts: You will be able to see any trending post or hashtag at a glance based on the user activity and you can further comment, like, share or post to the profile to get the attention of the user. You can even send a message collectively to the users of a trending post or hashtag.
  • Engage automatically: There are multiple automatic actions that you can perform using this app including auto follow, auto comment, auto post, auto like based on a specific setting on user name or location or hashtag. In fact the software churns out a report to show the progress you have made with these auto engagement options.
  • Manage following and followers: Following your followers can now be done with a click of a button. You can just select the followers of your account and then click on one single follow to follow them all. Above this, you can also choose to follow the followers of any other user. All you need to do is click and view the details of the user you want.
  • Auto posting: Now you can post any image or any video from the web directly onto your profile on Instagram or schedule them for a future post. You can use the gallery on the app or your local computer to get the images or videos. You can either post to one account or multiple accounts in one go.
  • Posting story: This new feature allows you to share all that happened in your day including the ones that you don’t want to be part of your profile. There is no worry of over posting with Instagram. All the photos you share will continue to appear after 24 hours, but will not be part of your profile unless you want them to be. This story is quite handy when you are looking to market your products to one or multiple users.
  • Message directly: This can again be done to a single account or to multiple accounts. This feature is best useful for those who are looking to advertise their products to a target group of audience. The search option can give you the profiles that relate to your keywords and help you to decide on whom you have to message.
  • Share from YouTube: You can now search for videos from Youtube that match with your requirements and use them as a post on your Instagram. Of course, the app will help to reduce the video to match with the allowed timeframe on Instagram.
  • Integration with eCommerce: Create your own store for your products or your affiliate products and manage the sale to the audience on Instagram. You can even have a name for your store along with a logo for it.
  • Managing the store: This place allows you to add the call to action words to all your products and services related campaign online. This is the feature which helps you to add your product related posts to the Instagram profiles, set for future posts, share details of the product, post on Twitter and Facebook, etc.
  • Gallery and analytics: The former is where all your images and videos reside on your account and latter is where all your reports on the auto posting, auto following, etc. gets generated for you to keep track.

Who should use Instapilot?

Instapilot is a boon to many, especially the ones who are involved in digital marketing. Even if you are not directly involved in marketing, but you are looking to spread word about your product or service through Instagram, then instapilot  can make it easy for you.

Pros and cons of Instapilot

As can be seen from the different features offered by the software, there are many benefits to gain from this software. It is a one stop solution for all things Instagram and makes your advertising campaign on Instagram easy. With regards to drawbacks, there isn’t anything quite obvious for now. Once the software comes into market, one should be able to judge it better.

Instapilot is definitely a must have for all Instagram marketers!