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Leadz.io review

If customers are the heart of any business, then leads are the bloodline keeping them alive and ticking for you. Whether you are just building a list of probable customer list for email marketing or you want to add on to your existing subscriber list, you need to first generate leads to proceed further. However generating leads is not an easy task as it sounds. It takes a lot of time and effort and can also be quite hefty on your wallet. If you are looking for a system that will provide you an answer automatically and help you enlarge your customer list without so much as lifting your finger, then leadz is your solution.

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What is Leadz?

Leadz is a software that will help you identify prospective customers, hot leads and help better your conversion rate. The software is presenting you with a futuristic solution to the most asked question in any business today which is on how to generate leads automatically. There has been months of research and hard work put in by the team spearheaded by Andy Fletcher to provide you with a comprehensive solution in the form of a software. The Leadz will work automatically defining the new hot leads for your business, and help you chart out the way to success. The program will be launched on 14th of February with lot of promotional and introductory offers on the wing.

What does Leadz bring along with it?

The Leadz is a software that engages automatically at a micro level. These engagements  are not highly frictional and are further nurtured to provide a better rapport digitally with the leads on target. There are two upgrades that come with Leadz.


This is a hijacks upgrade, that is bound to make your subscribers wanting for more. In fact the upgrade is so powerful that you will be wondering if maybe you should rather be a subscriber than be the business owner.  So what does this give you?

Consider a scenario where there is a celebrity or a marketing expert with a huge fan following. You would know how much effort and time would have been spent by them to create such a huge fan base. Now imagine hijacking this fan base which they have created over years spending their money to create. You will merely be targeting their base of followers without as much effort as they have done and at a price that is hardly causing a dent in your pocket. With the Leadz OTO1 upgrade, you are not just making money from your prospective leads list, but you are also making the most out of the list of others.


This is the much awaited upgrade for your profit bump, the Pro Agency License.  What does this mean to your subscribers? You can hand them the license so they can start their own lead generation business while their business will help yours to flourish in turn.

It is common knowledge that every business needs the leads to perform consistently and successfully. By giving the Pro Agency License to your subscribers, you are building up your base from the affiliate marketing angle. Your subscribers will be equally happy as they will make their money selling their services to the top tier clients.

What further sweetens the deal is the fact that Leadz launch offer includes Unlimited Accounts license. So you can now let your subscribers clamor for it while you make a profit out of it.

How do Leadz work?

Working with Leadz is quite easy. The first step is on the campaigns page where you can see the accounts of those whom you follow. You can click on any of the Twitter account and check the campaigns for the leads they have added over the day, the month and for the week. Furthermore, the leads will be categorized into different segments like Business coaching, personal finance, etc. Clicking on these classifications will take you to the option for searching with a keyword. Now you can search with the keyword you are looking for and see the accounts of the potential customers who fall under this category. You can choose to follow them or not based on your preferences. Once you follow them, you can start seeing the leads they have created and proceed the same way to build up your customer base.

You also have the option to search based on the follower. For instance, if you want to search for all those who follow a particular twitter account, you can do so and select the accounts that you want to follow. There is an additional leads page in the software that shows all the leads or rather people you have added to your campaigns from where you can manage them.

Lastly you have the option to authorize the client through the url given to them to have their account (Twitter) to yours on the Leadz page. This doesn’t even require them to login to Leadz.

Who does it benefit?

Every soul who is into digital marketing will benefit immensely with the Leadz.io campaign. Be it the subscribers on IM or MLM lists, off line marketing managers, Creators of product info, Dropshippers and ecommerce personnel, coaches, trainers, authors, consultants and anyone who has any kind of connection to your online marketing business will benefit hugely from Leadz.io.

The ups and downs

As for the benefits of the software, the Leadz.io does promise to provide you with instant leads that can potentially mean a better customer list with a click of a button. The software is simple to use and it makes use of your contacts, their contacts and so on to build up the connection in the market. There is no real setback that one can see currently with the product.

With the multiple offers provided for the initial launch, the deal is definitely sweet on your wallet. The launch scheduled on February 14th has already made quite an impact in the business community.

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