Reward leads reviews

Reward leads review

Want to make sales while rewarding your customers? Looking for optimizing your lead generation process? Then you should know the best way to ensure that a lead is created, sustained and is made profitable is by promising a definitive reward. This is the base concept which is made use of help you boost your sales by Reward leads.

Being a decision maker in any business is quite a challenging task. You have to find for multiple ways to promote your business and the online marketing by virtue is quite complex and involves a lot of effort to attain success. Now you don’t have to do all of that by yourselves. You can let Rewardleads help you while you focus on the business.

What is Rewardleads?

Rewardleads is the upcoming trend for digital incentive points awarding system. It works beyond the norms of your usual sales or engagement boosts, beyond the bonus pages and beyond the retargeting campaign from your end. This program helps assigning incentive points which is based on the promotion of your affiliates and the sale of your products/services.

With every purchase the customer makes, incentives get added to them and as they get nearer, they are notified on the incentive they can make with these points. This will further drive the people to rush towards claiming their incentive, resulting in more sales for you. As and when they are able to manage the required number of points, they will receive the reward as promised.

You can then filter out these buyers and then use them for targeted ad campaigns, at a better cost and ensure a better sale.

How does it work?

The way this program works is quite simple. You have automated listings and you just need to input the necessary list and it will start automatically working for you.

  1. Create your incentive list, setting the qualifier points and what the customer stands to gain. This list is eventually your driver for maximum sales and drives you toward profit.
  2. Set up your own triggers which can be based on the dollar spent on a single purchase or the number of purchases made or the recommendations or any other reason you think is of more help to you.
  3. Now once your customer matches with the above two, you can then have them directed to either the Facebook audience or auto responders. You can even weed out the customers who are not turning out so great for you.

Rewardleads is a proven technique which helps achieve every facet for a successful sale.

Features of Rewardleads

The best feature of Rewardleads is that you get to automate almost every aspect of online marketing and lead generation. With Rewardleads, you can automate,

  • Building leads which are hot and viral.
  • Provide incentives that are exclusive to the existing customers.
  • Add more buyers and increase your email engagement.
  • Motivate the buyers of lower ticket range to move up the ladder to the mid and higher ticket ranges with favorable incentives.
  • You reduce cost on advertising as you would be focusing only on the customers who have proven to be loyal buyers.
  • Make your own custom list of audience based on their preferences.
  • Forward the list of your best customers to the auto responders improving the email engagement.
  • Create your VIP list identifying the high bidders on your product.
  • Customize your ad campaigns for a specific audience set.
  • Let your list grow by awarding incentives to customers who recommend you to their acquaintances and friends.
  • Run an efficient and an effective loyalty programs for your loyal buyers.

Who should make use of Rewardleads?

Almost everyone who is in the business of making profit through online markets and those who are involved in digital marketing campaigns will benefit greatly from using Rewardleads. With Rewardleads, you are guaranteed increased sales, conversions and definitely an increase in your subscriber list. The product is tested and proven to help you in providing,

  1. Hardcore leads,
  2. Unlimited prizes
  3. A wonderful track record every time it was launched before.
  4. Re-targeting your customers more intelligently.

The program delivers consistently at both the product and the affiliate level.

Pros and cons of Rewardleads

The biggest benefit of Rewardleads comes from the fact that it helps you lay the basic foundation for a strong online market presence. The idea behind this program is to allow your customers and your affiliates to earn loyalty points while improving your sales and profits. Some of the benefits of the product which works in its favor include,

  • Consistency in delivering quality results in sales and profit program.
  • Innovatively designed program destined to provide you with excellent conversion results.
  • Easy to use, promote and helps you earn more money in the process.
  • Improve your buyer and subscriber list with minimal effort.
  • More venues for advertising with an increased buyer list and a more targeted effort too.
  • A clear track record of success.

The list is clearly endless.

On the flip side, the only drawback one could foresee right now is given that the program works on the cloud, it requires you to be online. But given that most of us are hardly ever offline, this is a minor inconvenience. Apart from this, we do not find any other drawback that can set back the success of this program.


Being in an era where the market is driven by the very fact on how many subscribers you have on your list, it is important that you are able to stay on top of the competition.  To stay ahead, you either have to innovate your product/ service more, or you need to innovate your marketing campaign. Even with a renewed campaign, your success is highly dependent on the audience you target. Rewardleads provide you with the exact list of top buyers, rewarding them for their loyalty, keeping them happy while ensuring that your sales soar higher.