Jay Day 2 – How to start link building to a new domain

The site registered last day site#1 seems to be a very good niche. I have published 2k words content on homepage and it got indexed within few hours of posting and also its ranking #49 for the 9k global search keyword.

This really excited me.

So started creating social profiles as this is the first step for any online business.

How to avoid Sandbox for new sites?

What is google sandbox? See here. To avoid this I follow an amazing technique which works very well, every time I use this on new sites.

Step 1: Create social profiles for the new domain with the domain name in the url. (not all social sites allow this)

Step 2: Will index all those social profiles by sending few no follow links to these social profiles.

Step 3 : Continue this process for one week. Daily 2 social profiles.

By following this technique , my sites never go under google’s Sandbox. Getting out of sandbox is very difficult and need many authority links from big sites. Also there is no particular time frame to get out of google waiting period.

So made 2 social profiles ( facebook page  & twitter ) for all my new 3 sites I have started last day and sent no follow links to get them indexed fast.

My site#1 EMD already ranked #49 for main keyword. So ordered social signals on drip feed for 2 weeks.

how to avoid google sandbox