Video pal reviews

Video pal review

Internet is the world of knowledge. You can never exempt anyone from browsing for information from net. Your website needs to be user friendly in order to attract many users which are achieved by this revolutionary software VideoPal. Video Pal allows any website to add attractive 2D, 3D animated or Human Spokespersons (in other words Video Pals) to be added which boosts the sales and conversions.

Video pal review

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What is Videopal?

This revolutionary software Video pal, is creating a revolution by changing the business trend followed by websites. Any instructions provided as a video with real person talking on the screen is the effective way to explain about your product or service to users who visit your site. You can add the 2D and 3D animated as well as Human Spokespersons to your website who can talk about your product or service in an attractive manner. Be it a blog or a commercial website, you can quickly install this  Video pal. This wonderful software  can perfectly work on smart devices and mobile phones too. Call to action, optin forms, coupon codes, countdown timers and text are the other features that comes attached with Video pal. The official website of videopal software is and the main brains behind this software are Todd Gross and Paul Panna.

How can you install Videopal on your website?

Videopal is a great software that you can use it to work easily.  It just takes only five easy steps to install this videopal in your website.

  • As a first step, you would be asked to select a video character that you want it to be displayed on your website. There will be options as 2D animated pal, 3D animated pals, Human Pals and My videos, select the one that you want to appear on your website.
  • Next step is to create a voice for the character that you have selected in the first step.  There will be three options to select, you can select any of these option “Text to speech”, “My audio file”  or “Voice over”.
  • The text to speech option is an automated engine which translates your text message to a voice message. If you have your own audio file, you can select the second option. The last option voice over, allows you to give your voice to the characters. Select the one according to your choice.
  • Next step shows the playback options. This page actually asks you of when you want the video pal to be started, whether immediately after loading the webpage, or before he leaves the website, etc. You can even set up a youtube video to play after the videopal is completed, this extra added feature increases your sales effectively.
  • After click in the create button, you would be directed to next page where it will ask you few details like project name, your website URL, Your Videopal affiliate URL, etc.  If in case, you are placing this videopal for the website that you don’t own then there will be an embed code displaying on this page which you can copy and paste it on to that website. An instant URL will appear which you can copy and paste it on a browser to preview how your videopal would appear on the website.

What are the features of Video pal?

Dwelling more about this Videopal would definitely be interesting one. Let us have a look the product features nowVideo pal bonus

  • Futuristic Text to Speech Technology: Convert your texts into voices without compromising on the choices,  since there are 47 male as well as female voices across 24 different languages are available with this software. You can definitely find your native speaker to attract target audience.
  • Cloud Based Technology: This software Videopal is a cloud based one and would never compel you to install any software on your computer. Another important factor is that this software is pretty easy to use because of this functionality.
  • Breakthrough Video Suite: Generally, users would prefer to visit a website that looks attractive. Think of a website in which a stunning person comes and talks, you can definitely expect them to be impressed and feel that the website is user friendly. So, many users start visiting the website and can see the increases traffic which in turn boosts your sales and profits.
  • Mobile Compatible: Smartphones are the most demanded source for using internet. That is why this software Videopal is 100 percent mobile compatible. You can never miss the huge mobile traffic since this software is compatible with all mobile services and smartphones.

Who should buy this Video pal?Video pal scam

Anyone who owns a website or blog and intends to take their site to the next level should definitely go for Videopal. Investing wisely would definitely achieve big success for you.  Every marketer should definitely opt this tool to attract more users to their site.  Old and outdated methods like pop ups can help you an increased sales up to some extent but if you opt videopal it might be doubled or even tripled too. Your competitors might have already shifted to videopal to experience boosted sales and higher conversion rates so it is apt time for you to tick videopal for your site.

Pros :

  • Easy to use software that demands absolutely no download at all.
  • Guaranteed reciprocity is achieved and your sales gets boosted with installation of  Videopal in your website.
  • No technical experience is needed to install this software in your website.
  • You have variety of voices and languages to choose.
  • Opt for Human or animated spokesperson as per your choice.
  • You can conveniently place this videopal on a website which you do not own too.

Cons :

Though this software is priced little high, it is considered as a wise investment for your business.

As a final note, Videopal is a value to your money and would definitely bring in a boosts sales, leads and conversion rates. Tap on their official website to have a look at loads of success stories and positive customer portfolios.

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